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Niki Murphy, Owner


Hi, my name is Niki Murphy, and I am a lifestyle photographer, mom of two grown sons, “YiaYia” to three, and Atlanta city dweller with a love for the mountains. Camera always in hand, I am all about connecting with those fleeting moments created on the other side of my lens. 

“For me, the imperfection of life is the soul of a photo.”

It’s the unstaged joy…the brief expression…the subtle glance…the snippets of time. Basically, I love it when life gets real and I am able to preserve more than an image; I am able to help tell the story. And to the great and not so great amusement of friends and family, my camera is my constant companion.

It's been an honor to serve in this business, share my passion for capturing stories, and use my photography as a way to give back. It's also been a joy capturing memorable moments of so many old and new friends!

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